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Manufacturer : USC LLC


The LPX LITE portable treater brings together a one-man treating operation and intuitive automation. This portable seed treatment package is everything needed to treat seed on wheels. Includes a gooseneck or bumper hitch trailer with a 65-unit seed hopper, inlet conveyor, a seed metering wheel, and an outlet conveyor. This specialty treater is the perfect solution for on-site treating, and the lengthy list of standard and optional features are designed to cater to this unique niche of seed treatment providers.

USC Portable Seed Treater

    • State of the art one-man operation
    • Proximity switches automate chemical pump and inlet conveyor
    • Easy access to atomizer chamber offers convenience for clean-up and inspection
    • Peristaltic pump makes calibration easy with less chance of clogging, more accuracy and less
    • maintenance
    • Electrically driven rotary atomizer coats seed as it falls through the chamber, spinning at 1750 RPM
    • Variable speed drum gently tumbles and lifts seed throughout the final phase of mixing and coating
    • Cleated belt conveyors move seed without damage or rollback
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