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Product Lines

Can-Seed Equipment Ltd. is a distributor for manufacturers of seed and grain cleaning and handling equipment. With our equipment line for seed processing, handling, and packaging, Can-Seed can supply your equipment to build a new processing facility or to upgrade an existing facility.

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4B Components Ltd.

4B products are designed to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of bulk material handling systems. Product categories include: Elevator Buckets, Elevator Bolts and Belting, Conveyor Belting and Components

American-Newlong Inc.

American-Newlong is your North American bag packaging specialist and leading manufacturer of automated, open-mouth bag packaging machinery, closing systems and equipment.


Supplier of our Optical Colour Sorter Machines: Sortex A, Sortex H, Sortex J

Carter Day

Modular precision Sizer, No. 3 SI Uniflow, P515 Pre-Cleaner

Central Air Equipment Ltd.

Screw compressors, water chillers, compressed air dryers, reciprocating compressors

Codema LLC

Codema LH 5095 Laboratory Oat huller, Codema VSH-2096 Impact Huller

Concept Industries

Grain bins, feed bins, fertilizer bins, seed bins

Control Concepts



Damas Hotyp, LOFCO Aspirator, Omega, Pre-Cleaner, Puls Aspirator, SIGMA Planet Drum Separator, UniSeed and DuoSeed, Damas Vibam, ZETA Gravity Separator


Dockage sieves, funnels, moisture meters, canola kits


Automatic Bagger, Bulk Bag Filler, E25 & E50 Palletizer, Taggers


Forsberg supplies many products including the gravity separator, aspirators, cyclones, etc.


Law-Marot -Milpro supplies various products such as grain aspirators, rotary cleaners, Grain Dryers, counter flow coolers, etc.

MPI Magnets

MPI Magnets focuses on separators including gravity, pneumatic, liquid, and magnetic filtration equipment.

Magik Kleener

Magik Kleener Gravity Grain Kleener

Magnum Systems - Taylor Products

Some of the scale products offered by Magnum Systems - Taylor Products include: Gross Weigh Scales, Net Weigh Scales, Bagging Scales

Maxi-Lift Inc.

CC Max elevator Bucket, and Super Strength Dura-Bucket


Some key products by Meridian include Grain Storage Bins, and Grain Dryers.

Mid-Continent Industries Inc.

Kicker dockage tester

Oliver Manufacturing

Products from Oliver Manufacturing include Gravity Separators and Destoners

Profile Industries

Profile Industries specializes in different separators such as the Enclosed spiral separator, open spiral separator and the rotary spiral separator.

Q-Sage Inc.

Q-Sage Inc. provides Air Screen Cleaners and Debearders

RAD Equipment

RAD supplies products such as the Drag Conveyors, Spouting, and bucket elevators.

Seedburo Equipment Co.

Seedburo provides equipment for seed cleaning and grading, such as gravity tables, air screen cleaners, and indent cylinder seed cleaners.


Sukup offers a range of products designed to assist farmers in efficiently storing, handling, and processing grain crops.


The SuperBrix Densimetric/Gravimetric series of machines separate rice, grains, seeds and many other cereals by specific gravity, which have already been separated by thickness and length.

Supertech Agroline

Grain temperature and moisture measuring equipment

Tapco Inc

Some key products and solutions offered by Tapco Inc: Elevator Buckets, Elevator Bolts and Fasteners, Elevator Belt Splices and Accessories


Some key products of USC LLC include: Seed Treating Equipment: USC LLC designs and manufactures a range of seed treating equipment, including seed treaters, seed treat conveyors, seed weigh hoppers, and seed dryers.

Union Special

The company offers a diverse range of sewing machines designed for industrial applications, including: Bag Closing Machines, and Industrial Sewing Machines


Notable products include: Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Grain Vacuums

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