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The CTHC (Cereal Treater – High Capacity) is used for high accuracy, portable treating of seeds. Weigh belt technology, nebulizer technology, and peristaltic pumps ensure increased accuracy with continued monitoring and automated adjustments

USC CTHC Cereal Treater

  • The CTHC is fitted with one 54 bushel holding hopper, a high capacity weigh belt, nebulizer chamber, and atomizer chamber. The system comes with two automated pumps with containment hoppers. There are access points on all sides of the unit for transportation along with jacks to level the unit.

    • Designed for Cereal Treating
    • Easy to clean
    • High accuracy
    • Increased size patented atomizer chamber
    • Fully Automated touch screen with In-depth reporting
    • High capacity treating
    • Continuous flow
    • Compact and Portable– 96” x 104” floor space
    • Automated pumps stands
    • Nebulizer provides tumbling action causing 360 degree coverage

  • Standard Equipment:

    • Stainless steel atomizer chamber
    • 2 automated pumps w/ volumetric flow meters
    • One 54-bushel hopper
    • Liquid containment pan
    • High capacity weigh belt
    • 4 jack stands
    • 2 auxiliary ports for accessories
    • Standard and metric capabilities

    • Trailer with auger
    • Tablet Kit
    • Air compressor kit

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