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Manufacturer : Tapco Inc.


Tapco  Style CC-HD & Style U-HD buckets are designed to increase elevator capacity by allowing closer bucket spacing on the belt. They are a modified (cut-down) version of our buckets, varying only in depth and weight. Application, performance, discharge and all other characteristics are exactly the same as our buckets of the same material.

Tapco Style CC-HD & Style U-HD Elevetor Bucket

    • High speed centrifugal discharge.Usable capacity: Water level (WL) +5%.
    • High density linear prime virgin polyethylene.
    • Can be intermixed with existing steel or nonmetallic buckets. Some consideration should be given to balance. Bucket projection varies by manufacturer and material. Check elevator for proper clearances.
    • Consideration should be given to belt strength, horsepower, mechanical requirements and system ability to handle additional weight and volume.
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