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Manufacturer : SuperBrix


The SuperBrix Densimetric/Gravimetric series of machines separate rice, grains, seeds and many other cereals by specific gravity, which have already been separated by thickness and length.

The SuperBrix’s unique extra-large separating compartments have been design to provide a higher capacity per compartment. The machine operates without the need of air, so it is more efficient in energy consumption of any other of its kind. Exclusive 7 deck design with more than 99% cargo/paddy separation guaranteed!

SuperBrix Table Separator SB Series

    • The SB Series of densimetric table separators offers higher capacity with a smaller footprint.
    • With fewer moving parts and associated equipment, the SB table separator significantly reduces operating costs.
    • By increasing separation efficiency (99% +) and eliminating recirculation flow, the SB table separator uses considerably less associated equipment resulting in lower power usage.
    • With only (1) inlet and two (2) outlets (light and heavy kernel), the table separator achieves more than 99% separation efficiency without product recirculation, resulting in a reduced amount of broken kernels.
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