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Manufacturer: Bühler Group


The new SORTEX J SpectraVision optical sorter brings together a set of new optical sensor technologies, Full Color RGB cameras, software with a friendly graphic interface, modern and compact design with up to 7 modules. Equipped with a 15.6” Touch Screen display and new hardware, the SORTEX J maintains optimal sorting performance throughout its operation.

Bühler SORTEX J SpectraVision Optical Sorter

  • Key Features Include:

    - MerlinAI sorting software for better product detection;

    - High-insensity LED lighting, providing three times the light of previous generations;

    - SpectraVision Cameras developed exclusively for optical sorting with better detection of different colour shades;

    - Intelligent detection of individual defects;

    - Top construction guarenteed with design and validation in Bühler's London facilities;

    - Automatic product tracking. One calibration for recipe adjustment;

    - Default sorting modes for immediate operation;

    - User-Friendly interface;

    - Take efficiency, quality, and traceability to new levels with Bühler Insights Connectivity

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