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Manufacturer: Bühler Group


The Sortex H SpectraVision is an all-new optical sorter featuring new sensor technology, full colour cameras, new software, and a compact modern design with up to 7 chutes.  A bigger UI screen and newly developed electronic hardware ensure optimum and reliable performance over time. 


Showcasing Buhler innovation with new advanced inspection and lighting systems, this state-of-the-art ownership technology provides the ultimate sorting solution, whatever the difficulty of the application.


3 key benefits for our customers include:

- Improved performance - an all-new optical sorter delivering up to 50% higher reject concentrations. 

- Ease-of-use - no technical skills required for operation. 

- Connectivity - control and view your machine performance from anywhere in the world, in line with Industry 4.0 standards. 


Bühler SORTEX H SpectraVision Optical Sorter

  • The new SORTEX H SpectraVision has been developed using the best of Swiss and British engineering know-how. As the result of Buhler's 75 years of extensive experience in optical sorting, it offers the above 3 key benefits.

    Improved Performance - An all new optical sorter delivering up to 50% higher reject concentrations. SpectraVision has been designed to supply maximum yields. The newly designed in-house full-color cameras provide the best color differentiation for the sublest of color defects, while new InGaAs cameras take foreign matter (FM) detection to new levels. Innovative ejection algorithms significantly minimize false rejects and new calibration and tracking algorithms improve machine consistency, reducing false rejects.

    Ease-of-use - No technical skills required for operation. Default modes and recipes for each product are pre-set and tested by SORTEX experts for optimum machine set up right out of the box. A simple user interface design and individual sensitivity control over each defect makes it easy for operators to maintain the optimum machine performance.

    Connectivity - Control and view your machine performance fromanywhere in the world, in line with Industry 4.0 standards. 

    With machine setup changes logged and saved on Bühler Insights and real-time tracking of sorting performance and emergency warnings with SORTEX Monitoring System.

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