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Manufacturer : GT Mfg., Inc


With economical costs, our customers find their dryers pay for themselves in 1 to 3 years, last as long as you farm, have a high resale value, and let you realize more profit from the grain you grow.

Loading Hopper, Circulating Auger, PTO Tumbler Shaft, Dryer Controls – Grain Sampler, Fan Clutch, Access Door to Plenum, Vaporizer.

GT Mfg. Recirculating Batch Dryers

  • B Grain Dryers
    – Quiet fans, microprocessor controls, coated perforated sheets, and a ladder as standard equip.

    FINE Dryers
    – Fine bin bottoms & outside sheets with standard plenum sheets.

    STANDARD RB Dryers
    – Fine bin bottoms with standard outside & plenum sheets.

    Common Grain Dryer Accessories

    – Screen-Corn, Sunflower
    – Grain Dryer Accessories – Common
    – Screen-Wheat, Oats, Milo
    – Screen-Soybeans
    – Cover Plate
    – Screen-Flax
    – Screen – Rape Seed
    – Flexible Unloading Spout
    – Flexible Unloading Spout (800 bu. models)
    – Side Mount Kit
    – Adjustable Jacks in lieu of Std (RB500/600)
    – Adjustable Jacks in lieu of Std (RB 800)

  • Available Downloads:

    - RB500 Dryer Specifications -
    - RB600 Dryer Specifications -
    - RB800 Dryer Specifications -

    Recirculating Batch Dryers Brochures

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