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Manufacturer : Magnetic Products Inc.


MPI’s Quick-Cleaning Drawer Magnets utilize “Type A” magnetic circuit, to remove small to medium sized ferrous contaminant from dry powder or granular free-flowing product streams in gravity-fed vertical chutes. They employ 2-tiers of magnetic tubes for maximum magnetic filtration for protecting processing equipment, such as milling, extruding, and mixing machinery, while assuring high product quality standards with low maintenance.

MPI Quick-Clean Drawer Magnet

  • Product flows through two rows of 1” diameter magnetic tubes, designed to create an extremely effective magnetic circuit. The rows of magnetic tubes are staggered to maximize
    magnetic filtration as product flows through the housing. Tramp metal contaminants move to the underside of the magnetic tubes eliminating tramp metal “wash-off.” After terminating the product flow, the magnetic tubes are pulled through non-metallic UHMW stripper assemblies, cleaning the magnetic tubes and depositing the metal contaminants outside the product stream into a collection tray.

  • MPI Difference

    • UHMW stripper seals for effective metal removal in a sanitary design.
    • Sani-TIGHT Seal™ Gasket.
      • Type: Compression style “O-ring” cord gasket.
      • 100% Positive seal, cannot be over-compressed.
      • Sanitary: Can be removed for wash-down, no adhesive required.
    • Powerful rare earth magnet material.
    • Operating temperatures up to 176° F.
    • Dust-tight stainless steel construction.
    • Two rows of 1” dia. magnetic tubes on 2” centers for maximum magnetic filtration.
    • Complete stripping action of magnetic tubes ensures tramp metal release.
    • Easy maintenance and replacement of both magnetic tubes and stripper seals.
    • Tramp metal collection trays (not shown).


    • Single and multi-tier configurations; custom magnetic tube spacing
    • Custom alloy stainless steel construction
    • High temperature designs up to 400° F available
    • Inlet and outlet transition adapters, sized to customer specification
    • Synergistic-coated magnetic tubes for use with abrasive products
    • Custom stripper seals for applications not suitable for UHMW
    • Choice of magnet tube material:
    • Ceramic 8 magnet material for less severe tramp metal applications
    • Rare Earth magnet material for higher operating temperatures
    • Hi-G material and Thin Wall designs for specialized applications
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