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Manufacturer : Q-Sage Inc.


The Q-Sage Inc. Air Screen Cleaner is engineered to the specific needs of the customer, resulting in an investment that is thoughly utlized. All units feature high tolerance, quality screens and ball tray systems. These are custom made by the Quality Custom Screen Company, the leader in precision made screens and ball tray systems. All Eccentric Components are CNC machined to a tight tolerance, resulting is a straight & true shake action of the screens.

Q-Sage Inc. Air Screen Cleaner

    • Optional 60″ wide screens provide additional capacity above the competition at minimal cost.
    • Capacity: Approximately 25 to 40 Bushels/Hour –.7 to 1 Metric Ton/hour.
    • Easily Accessible Allowing Thorough Clean Out Between Lots.
    • All Motors (Feed, Eccentric, & (2) Fans) are VFD Controlled for optimum performance/adjustability and energy efficiency.
    • Allows this Small Scale Unit to be Completely Self Contained and Operate Independently in Various Facility Floor Plans.
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