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Manufacturer : Magnetic Products Inc.


MPI’s Ceramic/Rare Earth/Hybrid Plate Magnets are designed for use in gravity-fed angled chutes up to 60 degrees, which convey low to high volume product streams. Typical installations are below-the-flow, where product flows over the magnetic face, providing optimum ferrous tramp metal retention in a wide variety of chute applications.


MPI Plate Magnets are designed for your specific application. We offer different “series”, each engineered to focus the plate magnet’s maximum energy (MGOe) for a specific reach out. This is extremely beneficial; it allows you to install a plate magnet specifically for your application’s burden depth to achieve maximum metal attraction and retention. When selecting an MPI plate magnet identify how deep the moving product is and your chute size.

MPI Plate Magnets

  • MPI’s Single Step and Double Step Plate Magnets are designed to divert the product stream away from the magnet surface while allowing tramp metal to be magnetically attracted to the magnet’s surface behind the collection steps. Magnetic 400 series stainless steel pole areas maximize the holding power of the magnets. These Plate Magnets are easily installed and are supplied complete with sanitary hinges, latches and mounting hardware. The hinged mounting design permits quick, easy cleaning of the magnet surface. The strong magnetic field is effective in product streams up to 8” deep.

  • MPI Difference

    • 100% Stainless steel enclosed design
    • Permanent magnet material – will not demagnetize
    • Maximum separation magnetic circuit
    • 1” wide uniform sealing flange to prevent product leakage
    • Waterproof, weather-resistant enclosure
    • Rugged all-welded construction


    • Powerful Rare Earth magnet material
    • Quick-clean designs available
    • Self-Clean designs available
    • Replaceable abrasive resistant face plates
    • USDA finish
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