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Manufacturer : Sukup


Mixed-Flow Dryers

  • Drying occurs in the top tier and vacuum-cooling is accomplished in the bottom screened sections.
  • More fuel-efficient than traditional pressure cool dryers.
  • Exclusive single conveyor unloading system.
  • Optional conveyor unloading with static sampling.
  • With the large, triangle ducts along the sides of the dryers, saturated air flows through with ease without plugging up with fines and bee-wings. This eliminates any losses in capacity or efficiency due to debris build-up on conventional screen dryers.
  • The QuadraTouch Pro control system is featured on all Sukup Dryers and was designed to be easy to use while eliminating around-the-clock monitoring and increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Simple menus guide you through dryer functions for easy start-up and operation.
  • S.M.A.R.T (Simultaneous Monitoring And Reaction Technology) Loop uses include incoming and outgoing moisture sensors with advanced algorithm programming to increase dryer efficiency, reduce large swings in temperature and discharge moisture, and help the dryer run more efficiently.
  • Optional app available for iPhone or Android allows you to monitor and control your Sukup Dryer from a smart phone, tablet, or PC.

Sukup Mixed Flow Grain Dryer

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