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Manufacturer : Meridian


Meridian Flat Bottom Bins are structurally engineered to accommodate today’s on-farm storage needs, and are easily adapted for automated loading and unloading as well as full floor aeration. The Meridian Flat Bottom Bin is an excellent option for large capacity needs and crop conditioning, and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy snow loads.

Meridian – Corrugated Flat Bottom Bins

    • Single-Cor. Bins (5” Corrugation)
    • Heavy Gauge Sheets for Superior Strength
    • Precision Fitting Components
    • Vertical Seams Double Bolted
    • Roof – 30 Degree Slope
    • Bin Lid – 40” Diameter c/w Remote Lid Opener
    • Interior Side Wall Ladder
    • 3 Panel Walk-in Door
    • Sizes: 33’ – 36’ – 42’ Diameter
    • Other sizes available upon request.
    • 5-7 Ring Bins Unstiffened
    • 8-12 Ring Bins Stiffened
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