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Manufacturer : Magnum Systems - Taylor Products


The TE10 Series are electronic, small net weigh scales designed for weighments of 2 oz. to 12 lb. The TE10 Series is designed with a solid mount net weigh bucket to increase accuracy.

Magnum Systems TE10 Open Mouth Bag Packer is a table-mounted electronic small packer, designed for weighments of 2 oz. to 10 pounds. Product feed system is fully adjustable, movable feeder platform minimizes product fall and impact. Timed discharge eliminates spillage. Controls are located for single operator convenience, wing panels fold for storage.

Magnum Systems TE10 Series Net Weigh Scale

    • Up to 24 weighments per minute.
    • Simplex, Duplex and Jumbo configurations.
    • Standard Bulk/Dribble fill cycle.
    • Adjustable product flow via rubber hopper transition.
    • Direct mount net weigh bucket.
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