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Manufacturer : Magnum Systems - Taylor Products


Magnum Systems OM2A features a pneumatic cutoff gate and pneumatic bag clamps for ease of operation.

Magnum Systems OM2A is a fast bagging scale that reduces operator fatigue.  Once the bag is positioned on the spout, the process is automatic.  The scale clamps the bag in place, opens, fills the bag, shuts off and drops the bag. Durable and easy to use gross weigh semi-automatic, mechanical bagging scale for free-flowing granular products.

Magnum Systems OM2A Series Automatic scale

    • Up to 12 bpm rate.
    • Ideal entry level or start up scale.
    • Adjustable flow gate.
    • 15 lb to 125 lb capacity
    • OM2A features pneumatic bag clamps with automatic bag release.
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