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Manufacturer : Law-Marot-Milpro


Marot Rotary Cleaners rely on the outstanding qualities and precision of the rotary drum for simple and fast separation of oversized and/or undersized contaminants from good grain or cereals.  Using different combinations of screens, speed and slope, these cleaners can scalp, sift or do both at the same time.  The cleaners can be supplied with or without an integrated aspirator.

LMM – Rotary Cleaner

    • Rotary drum
    • High capacity
    • High precision
    • Vibration Free
    • Very Low Maintenance
    • Heavy duty build
    • Variable pitch and speed
    • Capacity up to 500 mT/H
    • Screen area up to 365 sq/ft
    • Designs from 1 to 6 screens
    • Drum diameters from 18″to75″
    • Mobile bulkhead
    • Mixing baffle to maximize product spread
    • Automatic deblinding system : roller , brush / Air Knife
    • Standard construction material mild steel
    • Enclosed construction
    • Floor mounted support
    • Inspection door
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