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Manufacturer : Law-Marot-Milpro


Feed Dressers are designed to separate unwanted lumps from mash feed.  The raw mash feed is conveyed by a screw feeder towards the screening area where four wiper blades force the particles of the appropriate size through the screens.  The cleaned product is then discharged through the bottom of the unit.  The foreign and oversized particles retained by the screens are rejected through an outlet located at the opposite end of the unit.

LMM – Feed Dresser

    • High capacity up to 300 mT/H
    • Heavy duty screens: to crush your lumps like no others
    • Low maintenance unit
    • Direct drivre : results in a more compact and low-maintenance unit.
    • Built in inlet by-pass: to avoid using the feed dresser
    • Easy change screen units
    • Compact build: a small but tough machine that can handle large amounts of product.


    • Electric Security door switches
    • Discharge hopper
    • Structure with stairs and cat walks
    • Discharge conveyor
    • Heavy duty AR screen
    • Heavy duty wiper
    • Optional high temperature wipers for enviroments where rubber wipers will underperform and use prematurely.
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