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Manufacturer : Law-Marot-Milpro


Mixers guarantee optimal homogeneity of the mixture with a coefficient of variation that is above the industry standards.  The configuration of the internal components provides adaptability to a multitude of applications ranging from highly viscous mixtures to installations requiring the highest hourly production rate.  Heavy-duty design and construction makes the mixer a low maintenance and rugged machine tough enough to take any solid premix you can throw at it.

LMM – Double Shaft Mixer

    • Capacity up to 500 ft³ (cubic feet)
    • Double shaft, Single Ribbon: heavy-duty construction for demanding environments.
    • Double Drop bottom outlet: for less discharging time
    • Up to 6 liquid lines: provides greater versatility on special mix applications.
    • Top access door: for easy and quick inspection and special mixes.
    • Split design and construction: to easily access and move this big boy through your feed mill.
    • Integrated equalizer vent
    • Co-efficient of Variation (CV) under 5 %
    • Average mixing time for standard feed mill product of 90 sec


    • Anti-slip diamond plate on top portion of the mixer for easier and safer access.
    • Access door on top
    • Full cover access door on top : for manually filling mix
    • Optional discharge hopper
    • Optional mixer structure with stair and cat walk.
    • Bolt on discharge conveyor
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