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Manufacturer : Law-Marot-Milpro


Milpro Counterflow Coolers have an undeniable competitive advantage due to the unique design features.  The internal rotary airlock allows for a more compact unit while the combination of the extractor design and air suction duct allows for an even spread of the cooling air without lifting product.  Heavy-duty, trouble-free and affordable, Milpro coolers provide a superior quality product and an excellent return on investment

LMM – Counterflow Cooler

    • Integrated internal rotary airlock: reduces the overall height of the machine
    • High capacity up to 50 T /h
    • Stainless steel top section: provides improved durability and a higher quality of equipment.
    • Air damper: provides the ability to easily calibrate your system.
    • Pneumatic cylinder : provides low cost and easy access for product flow control.
    • Optional product leveller: results in more uniform cooling
    • Heavy-duty design and construction, MILPRO coolers provide product coooling 24/7.


    • MILPRO counterflow coolers are designed to bolt-on a MILPRO crumbler directly to the hopper.
    • Optional square hopper.
    • Electric air damper for precise automatic flow control of various products.
    • Product leveller for uniform cooling
    • Adjustable electric product leveller
    • Explosion vents for improved safety in wood applications
    • Electric security door sensor for improved operator safety
    • TILT gate, uniquely designed for meal, mash, extruded oil cake & non free-flowing product.
    • Hydraulic cylinder & units for low temperature applications or where air is not accessible.
    • Double-deck Coolers are available: reduces your down time between two different products.
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