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Manufacturer: Dimo's Tool & Die/Labtronics


ABS Regulation Cox Funnel – Placed on top of our .5L measure. Standardizes the fill of the .5L measure each and every time. Promotes more accurate and consistent test weight determination. Designed to meet government agency specifications with a 3.81 cm drop from an opening of 4.41 cm.

Labtronics ABS Regulation Cox Funnel

    • Used for test weight determination. Used to determine grams/0.5L which is then converted into into lbs./Bushel or kg./hL using conversion charts. Meets government agency specifications. New economical design (less $$).
    • Painted and waterproof, the 0.5L measure is a requirement for accurate test weight determination.  Available in either die cast aluminum or ABS plastic.
    • Can purchase ABS Plastic 0.5L measure, Strik-Off Stick, conversion chart, and bottom pan separately.
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