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Manufacturer : Mid-Continent Industries, Inc.


The MCi Kicker is a mechanical dockage tester used by grain handlers to determine dockage and foreign material.

The MCi Kicker is designed to provide a fast, accurate and consistent way of obtaining the following separations from most grains: shrunken & broken, overs/scalped material, clean grain, broken kernels, splits, aspirated material, dockage or FM and greatly reduces hand picking of Soybeans.

Sizing operations for malt, sunflowers, food grains and barley are also possible.

The Kicker can generate these separations in approximately 30-45 seconds, depending on the sample size. These separations can then be weighed and calculated to provide you with the correct dockage or FM as well as the Shrunken and Broken Kernels or Splits.

The MCi Kicker simply requires the operator to start the system with the throw of a switch, pour a sample into the machine, and wait approximately 30-45 seconds. During the short wait, all the different fractions are separated into each collection pan for your final inspection and grading.

MCi Kicker Dockage Tester

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