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Manufacturer : Oliver Manufacturing


Separate continuous flow product streams of lighter, variable or similar-sized seed, grain, precious metals, plastics, stone or sand, ½” in diameter or less, from heavier (denser)
components or contaminants with outstanding efficiency. Add value to a variety of products with the most copied gravity separator worldwide, the all-time leader in customer satisfaction and longevity. Oliver’s legendary Hi-Cap Gravity Separator is designed and constructed to deliver decades of reliable and predictable service.
Available Models: HC 30, HC, 50, HC 80, HC 160, HC 240, HC 316

Oliver Hi-Cap Gravity Separator

  • • Separates greater quantities faster
    • Active counterbalance for smooth operation
    • Rectangular deck for optimal dwell time and exposure
    • Longest warranty in the industry — 3 years
    • Fast service and tech support turnaround from our USA plant

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