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Manufacturer : RAD Equipments


Flat Bottom Incline Drag Conveyors are used to transport large quantities of material over a flat or inclined areas.  They work well to feed into legs or from an unload pit.

RAD Flat Bottom Incline Drag Conveyor

    • High performance conveyor madecorrosion-resistant galvanized steel.
    • Incline conveyor lifts grain up to 45° with an anti-return device (plenum).
    • Solid and durable construction.
    • 600 to 15000 bushels/hour.
    • Easy to install and low maintenance required.
    • Wide range of choices to match your project.
    • UHMW Polyethylene paddles resist wear.
    • Optional liner for extension bottom and sides.
    • Ultratane paddle for optimal cleaning of the conveyor bottom.
    • Pre-assembled drive, head and tail to facilitate installation.
    • Highly resistant stainless steel return rail.
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