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Manufacturer : Damas


With its uniquely designed deck type, the ZETA efficiently and precisely separates your cereals or grains according to weight – with zero vibrations and easy daily operation

Damas ZETA Gravity Separator

  • DAMAS ZETA gravity separators are used to separate products with difference in specific weight. The DAMAS ZETA can be delivered with different decks for different grain or seed types and delivers a perfect grading result with minimum maintenance and adjustment needed. As an option, the DAMAS ZETA can be delivered with fully computerized controls.

    • Efficient grading – highly effective fan with filter produces a pressurized airflow through the deck.
    • Simple air adjustment – only 1 fan in the entire machine meaning that adjusting the air flow is perfectly straight forward
    • Easy installation – only main power supply is needed for the built-in control box
    • Easy to operate – manual or fully automated touch screen operation of all functions
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