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Manufacturer : Damas


The Damas VIBAM is a universal machine well suited for pre- and fine cleaning many different species of grain and heavy seeds. The standard design of the machine is provided with both pre- and aftersuction units. Quick screen changing from precleaning into fine cleaning by the operator serves to optimize the cleaning tasks.

Damas VIBAM Pre- & Fine Cleaner

    • The VIBAM is a very competitive machine, both as regards price and capacity as well as function and operation.
    • The technology of the machine is thoroughly tested, which can be documented by many references all over the world.
    • Easy and quick operation and screen changing. The screen boxes are made of wear resistant Wisa-form plywood, which is approved for food.
    • Screen cleaning with special rubber balls. Built-in light.
    • Durable surface of the machine owing to high-quality powder lacquering.
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