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Manufacturer : Damas


The DAMAS UniSeed and DuoSeed are a new generation of cleaning machines. They are suitable for large farms and small industries that require flexible production with high quality. The modular screen cleaning machine is available in several versions, which can be equipped with a de-awner and a pre-suction unit as required.

Damas UniSeed and DuoSeed

    • Compared to the capacity, the machine is space saving. It is easy to install as required.
    • Cleaning and Grading Machine with screens, pre and after-suction, with two screen cases. Universal field of application. Pre-cleaning and fine cleaning of grain and seed.
    • Considering the capacity, the machines are space-saving.Made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal
    • The screen is cleaned with special rubber balls. Vibration-free.
    • Easy, straightforward screen replacement.Easy to use.
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