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Manufacturer : Damas


The Sigma is a high-capacity cleaning and grading machine.
Its primary function is pre-cleaning, malting barley grading,
intervention standard cleaning, as well as industrial cleaning
of cereals and hard seeds. It is also capable of cleaning
cereal seed under certain circumstances.

The machine requires very little space and can therefore
easily be built into existing plants. It is almost vibration-free
because of the rotary screen action around the central axis,
which also makes it suitable for mobile installation.

The Sigma is ideally suited for cleaning humid and oleaginous
seeds because of the centrifugal principle.

The surface polishing effect of the rotary screens results in a
much higher standard of hygiene in cereals, as the content
of bacteria and fungi is considerably reduced.

Damas SIGMA Planet Drum Separator

    • 2-crop functions
    • 90% germ reduction compared to inputs
    • ⅓ to ½ less space required as compared to same capacity machines
    • Vertical screens, easily changed by one person, saving floor space and time.
    • Limited vibrations from rotation of balanced parts.
    • Used with or without recycling of the cleaning air
    • Completely enclosed and dust free when installed correctly.
    • Self-cleaning effect cause by the rotary motions and roller brushes on the screens
    • Fusarium Removal
    • Mycotoxin Removal
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