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Manufacturer : Damas


The Damas PS100 pre-cleaner introduces a brand new design philosophy based on simplicity, maximum efficiency and long life-span in a compact and attractive design.

The Damas PS100 Pre-cleaner gives up to 20% higher output compared to machines of similar size and price range due to the unique screen design.  Add to that the benefits of a compact design, simple servicing and minimum vibrations – it’s the future of cereal and seed pre-cleaning.

Damas Pre-Cleaner

    • Well-suited for all types of cereals and seeds and is available in two versions with a capacity of 100 t/h and 200 t/h.
    • Distributes grain or seeds evenly across the unique double-screens which are driven in a continuous motion.
    • One eccentric drive for all four screens/boxes, the PS100 pre-cleaner’s uptime will be maximized and maintenance minimizes – you will spend very little time looking at the insides of the machine.
    • Higher efficiency due to its optimized screen design without frames, it can deliver a cleaning efficiency up to 20% higher than other grading machines on the market.
    • Simpler operation because the screens are designed to be self-cleaning without dead zones or corners, where material can accumulate
    • Minimum vibrations because it is designed with focus on sending very few dynamic forces to the floor or foundations, which is achieved by balanced movement of the screen boxes.
    • Better working environment because it has a built in dust aspiration in the screen zone area to secure dust free operation.  It sucks the air to aspiration via the screen zone without leaking dust to the outside environment.
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