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Manufacturer : Damas


The OMEGA is very flexible and can therefore be used for all cleaning and grading tasks, from pre-cleaning to fine cleaning. The OMEGA can be supplied with or without air recirculation and so can be adapted to local requirements for air consumption, heat recovery, etc. The air systems for pre-suction and post-suction are completely separate, which has the advantage of allowing individual, independent settings, thus making operation easier.

Damas OMEGA Cleaning/Grading Machine

    • The separate air systems have the additional advantage of being able to achieve a more efficient air cleaning.
    • The encapsulated machine has a low noise level.
    • The screen boxes are made of WISA-Form, which is very hard-wearing and approved for use with foodstuffs.
    • Screen cleaning with special rubber balls. Variable feed control as standard.
    • Material distribution on the screen is achieved using a screw (extra equipment on some models).
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