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The DAMAS LOFCOofco Aspirator is a highly efficient aspirator with built-in air recycling system for the separation of light particles from grain, seed, and other granulated material.
LOFCO is unique for the separation of light products because of its highly efficient aspiration chamber with the newly developed turbo-technique combined with the frequency operated fan. A double worm is located over the feed rollers. This worm ensures an even distribution of the material.

Damas LOFCO Aspirator

    • Lofco is optionally available with feed roller with frequency-controlled motor for speed regulation.
    • Lofco is self-cleaning because of its hygienic design.
    • Hitherto unknown high efficiency because of the ideal distribution of material and the turbo-technique of the Lofco.
    • Lofco produces no vibrations and requires very little space in relation to its capacity.
    • Lofco is low-noise, requires little power and is environmentally compatible.
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