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Manufacturer: Concept Industries


The Concept Industries Grain Bins provide quality at an economical price and offer an unmatched standard of paint quality. The liquid paint provides a smooth finish, increases product flow, and offers better protection to prevent rusting. Every Concept Industries Bin is subject to a 3-step wash & clean process to ensure the steel is completely free of contaminants, and is etched to maximize adhesion and shine. 

Concept Grain Bin

    • Widest skid bnase on the market, built for stability
    • All P&O steel
    • Standard with an epoxy primer and polyurethane top coat
    • 27" top opening with 29" spring-loaded lid
    • Minimum 12 gauge steel
    • Industrial-grade liquid paint coating
    • 28" discharge clearance
    • Capacity of up to 7,500 bushels
    • Adjustable rack & pinion slide gate assembly
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