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Manufacturer : Codema LLC


The Codema VSH-2096 Impact Huller is designed to hull a wide variety of products including oats, sunflower seeds, spelt, hemp, barley, buckwheat, canary seed, cocoa beans, and other products.

The VSH-2096’s Impeller speed can be precisely adjusted using the variable frequency inverter. The Impact ring is available in various materials to best match your specific hulling requirements.A heavy, welded steel housing helps provide long-term smooth operation.

Codema VSH-2096 Impact Huller

    • Containing just two wearing parts and one moving part means the VSH-2096 is nearly maintenance-free.
    • When hulling Oats, the capacity of the VSH-2096 is approximately 4500 Lbs/hr (2000 Kg/hr).
    • Designed for maximum Hulling Efficiency, Reliability and Flexibility.
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