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Manufacturer : Codema LLC


The design of the  LH 5095 minimizes breakage during hulling operation. Perfect for a quick analysis, which allows to check for mold, weathering, discoloration, odor along with heat and frost damage.

The Codema Laboratory Huller LH 5095 is designed to prepare and provide hulled samples of oats and barley for quality laboratory analysis. Cycle time to generate samples runs approximately one minute. This unit can also be used to help forecast groat yields, hulling efficiency and expected breakage during commercial hulling operations.

Codema LH 5095 Laboratory Oat Huller

    • Hulling a 50 gram sample takes approximately one minute.
    • Works equally well on barley and other products.
    • The LH–5095’s simple, rugged design nearly eliminates the need for spare parts.
    • Fast, Dependable  and Consistent Results with minimal breakage for Quality Laboratory Analysis.
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