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Manufacturer : Carter Day


Carter Day Precision Sizers are the original and preferred width sizers in agribusiness worldwide. Carter Day offers four different model Sizers each offering a different advantage for the user.

Carter Day Precision Sizers have the performance efficiencies and capacities for virtually any sizing/separating requirement for seed corn, sunflower, barley, wheat, oats, rice, shelled peanuts, soybean, and most other free flowing granular material.

Carter Day Modular Precision Sizer

    • 24” Tribar Cylinder design offers high open area fine openings with un matchable strength.
    • Patented Molded Elastomer Indexed Cleaning Wheels provide an offset sequential contact area on the 12” and 24” cylinder for quieter and smoother operation.
    • The Compression Wiper System uses an air cylinder on each side of the machine to compress and release the wiper blade.
    • The 12 and 24 High Capacity Vibrating Conveyor utilizes a spring steel flexure design for reduced maintenance. The new design allows the discharge point to be easily reversed in the field.
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