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Manufacturer : Buhler


Conditioning and/or cleaning is an essential step in every processing plant for grain or other bulk materials.
The goal is to optimize the storage life of the grain and to improve the quality of the product to be cleaned. This step can prevent disease, improve the process flow and enhance production reliability.

Available machine types are TAS 152A-2 / 154A-4 / 204A-4 / 206A-6 and TAS 153A-1 / 206A-2 / 210A-1 / 200A-III. These machines are optimally suited for applications in plants for the reception and storage of grain and other bulk materials, port facilities, mills, silo and storage plants, seed processing plants as well as malting plants.

Buhler TAS – LAAB

  •  Oscillating screen box provides smooth, vibration-free operation
    • Designed for minimal demands on foundations
    • Steel screen cassettes with ball cleaning
    • Fully enclosed screen box for a dust-free environment
    • Pre-suction and post-suction ducts as standard equipment
    • Inlet section with aspiration and feed roller
    • Outlet section with rising air duct

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