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Manufacturer : American-Newlong Inc,


Economical NP-7A Series Portable Bag Closers With Steel Cam Is Designed For Continuous Use. NP-7A Series  portable bag closer is the most trouble free portable machine in the market today.

NP-7A Series Closers can sew any type of material from paper, burlap, cotton to all types of poly. It has a wider presser foot, feed dog and bigger throat plate for a more positive feed of the bag leading to a better looking closure. It also has a plastic handle for insulation. It has an improved looper mechanism and nibbler style cutting system.

American-Newlong NP-7A Series Portable Bag Closer

    • High speed hand held bag closer offers 1,700-1,900 r.p.m. for filled bag closing.
    • Features a specially designed shock resistant isolation handle.
    • This portable bag closer also offers an automatic oiling system that applies lubrication to moving components and an optional overhead suspended spring balancer support.
    • Tape binding attachment available at extra cost.
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