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Manufacturer : USC LLC


USC’s Tube Series (TS) Conveyors combine the gentleness of the SS Series with the traditional stability of a tube-style conveyor, creating the only tube conveyor designed with seed in mind!

Conveyors come down to five key components: an undercarriage, the inlet and outlet functions and the decline/incline of the belt. USC improved upon one key component when designing the TS Conveyor: the decline/incline of the belt, making this conveyor more structurally sound, while at the same time, preserving the integrity of the conveyor’s primary function to move seed gently. The TS2500 and TS3500 boast increased capacities with the same belt width, and convenient access makes cleanout painless. We’re confident the TS Series line will outperform the competition, making it the perfect solution for any operation!

USC LLC Tube Series Conveyors

    • Re-designed belt eliminates pinch points generally created in other tube-style conveyors
    • Re-engineered TS Series WCCO rubber belt
    • TS conveyors have increased capacity with same belt width
    • Increased structural stability on 40’+ lengths
    • Most gentle conveyor designed specifically for seed
    • Built-in towing hitch for easy portability
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