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This Quicktron 05 model features a Bell Style Diverter and is ideal Free-Falling Bulk Materials.

Quicktron 05 model Uses CR coil for reliable detection and is cost effective for the examination of bulk material in gravity free-fall applications.

QuickTRON 05 (Flap or Cowbell Style Diverter)

    • High-speed processing.Fast, easy cleaning.
    • Triple-coil detection for superior accuracy.
    • Adjustable sensitivity and rejection cycling.
    • Automatic Product-Effect Compensation for reduced good product loss.
    • Electronics sealed against moisture and dust for long service life.
  • Product-Effect Compensation can be preset to self-adjust for different products and for a range of other variables. The computer interface allows comprehensive monitoring and record keeping while the open-frame construction permits easy service access. This product can be configured with either our AMD 03 Low Cost Digital Controls or the AMD 05 Digital Controls with Key Pad. Flap option is recommended for powders, fine granular or dry products.

    Cowbell option is recommended for abrasive, sticky or non-powdered products.
    Simple 05 controls, Remote mounted controls available.
    Stainless steel, washdown, or painted versions available.
    Utility-grade and food-grade models are available.
    ATEX (Explosion proof rating) hazardous environment rating available for Flap style unit.

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