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Manufacturer : Oliver Manufacturing


Maxi-Cap Platinum adds one-touch power electronic control and repeatable memory to a proven separator platform capable of separating up to 40,000 lbs. of material an hour. Never before have setup, cleanup and changeover been so quick and straightforward, even for a minimally trained operator. And thanks to legendary Oliver durability, your profitability starts the day you install.


The Oliver Maxi-Cap Platinum series brings the safety, simplicity and efficiency of integrated control to one of the most reliable gravity separators ever made. The Platinum is an evolved Maxi-Cap with the addition of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and touch screen, which provide a central interface for operating control over all adjustment parameters. These programmable automation controls provide simplified operation, reduce yield losses due to human error and can integrate Oliver machines into automated processing facilities. Continuous control over feed rates, pinpoint air flow and 4-way deck tilt combine for the most precise separation and highest quality end product possible.
Available Models: 4800P, 3600P, 3000P, 2400P

Oliver Maxi-Cap Platinum Gravity Separator

  • • Computerized touch screen
    • Continuous independent variable fan control
    • Joystick-controlled 4-way deck tilt
    • Position control sensors
    • Allen-Bradley microprocessor control
    • Memorized settings and clean out routines

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