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Manufacturer : Law-Marot-Milpro


Milpro Peller Crumblers are designed to break pellets into homogenous sized particles and create a minimum amount of fines. The roll gap is set with one hand-wheel that controls a pair of mechanically-connected screw jacks to guarantee roll parallelism. This mechanism can also be driven electrically. Two-way air cylinders with pressure regulator and relief valves maintain the roll inlet centered over the rolls providing an even flow of product. When needed, the cylinders move one roll back to allow an internal by-pass of the crumbler.

LMM – Crumblers

    • MILPRO crumblers provide higher efficiency due to the solid core (not tubular) design of the roll construction.
    • High capacity up to 50 T/h
    • Integrated by pass: to avoid the crumbler when rolling of the product is not required.
    • Rotary feeder: For a constant flow, more uniform particle size, and to protect your crumbler from over-loading.
    • Designed for direct fit on your MILPRO cooler : easy installation


    • Rotary feeder designed for bolt on installation directly to the cooler and crumbler.
    • Optional electric roll distance control with feedback to the main control panel.
    • Optional electric by pass control of the air cylinder
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