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About the Role

As an Internal Parts Person at Can-Seed Equipment, you will be responsible for managing and coordinating all aspects of parts sales within our organization. Your primary focus will be on providing efficient and accurate parts support to our customers and field technicians. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, customer-focused, and possesses excellent organizational and communication skills.


  • Parts Sales and Customer Support: Assist customers in identifying and procuring the right parts for their equipment by providing accurate and timely information, troubleshooting inquiries, and processing orders.

  • Parts Identification and Cataloging: Utilize product manuals, digital resources, and industry knowledge to identify and catalog parts, ensuring their availability and accuracy in the system.

  • Technical Support Collaboration: Collaborate with our field technicians to understand their parts requirements and provide the necessary support and expertise to ensure efficient equipment repairs and maintenance.

  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of parts transactions, warranty claims, and return authorizations. Generate reports on parts sales, inventory levels, and other relevant metrics as required.

  • Customer Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with customers, providing exceptional customer service and support to enhance their overall experience with Can-Seed Equipment.

Internal Parts


Job Type

Full Time

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